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深圳市坤巨實業有限公司為知名觸控螢幕品牌 GTOUCH─坤巨資訊之材料事業部。自2007成立至今,專注於磁性材料之研發,致力於滿足各大系統廠、製造廠,對於抑制電磁波及射頻干擾之對策需求。
坤巨應用材料事業部 Quinetech所生產的吸波材料,無論在品質及性特性上,深受客戶及業界肯定。
Quninetech is applied materials division for GTOUCH, one of the famous touch products brands. Since 2007 Quinetech focuses on the research & development for magnetic material, it commits itself to develop products and solution that can suppress effects of electromagnetic waves & interference for Electronic Product Manufacturing.
The quality & characteristics for Quinetech's shielding and absorption materials are deeply approved by the customers and industry. We always comprehend our customers’ requirement, providing rapid response to them, and we grow up together with mutual benefits.

坤巨資訊立於1995年,並於2007年成立坤巨應用材料事業部,主要產品全程台灣在地設計製造生產 -- 多層次複合型吸波材,鋁箔複合型吸波材,單一結構型吸波材,無線充電隔磁片,NFC吸波材,EMC吸波材,無線充電吸波材,兼具導熱效能吸波材,鐵氧體吸波材。

Groovy Technology Corp. 坤巨應用材料事業部  多層次複合型吸波材,鋁箔複合型吸波材,單一結構型吸波材,無線充電隔磁片,NFC吸波材,EMC吸波材,無線充電吸波材,兼具導熱效能吸波材,鐵氧體吸波材 多層次複合型吸波材,鋁箔複合型吸波材,單一結構型吸波材,無線充電隔磁片,NFC吸波材,EMC吸波材,無線充電吸波材,兼具導熱效能吸波材,鐵氧體吸波材 多層次複合型吸波材,鋁箔複合型吸波材,單一結構型吸波材,無線充電隔磁片,NFC吸波材,EMC吸波材,無線充電吸波材,兼具導熱效能吸波材,鐵氧體吸波材
電話: 886-2-2656 2589  ---  傳真: 886-2-2657 8282  ---  服務信箱: groovy@groovy.com.tw
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